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The National High School Basketball Association has issued “position statements” on four topics that affect high school basketball. They are statements on:

1) Urging scouting services to not rate (or rank) players prior the the start of their ninth-grade season.
2) Urging college basketball coaches (or governing bodies) to eliminate or reduce the summer as a time to evaluate prospects.
3) Urging high school coaches to encourage multi-sport participation and reduce single-sport specialization for their athletes.
4) Urging the National Federation of High School Sports Associations to allow the option of a shot clock by state adoption, if a given state wishes to do so.

All members of the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association also are members of the National High School Basketball Coaches Association. If IBCA members have thoughts about the issues discussed in these statements, please alert IBCA executive director Steve Witty about your thoughts.

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