Welcome to the website of one of the largest basketball coaches associations in the world. It is our hope that this web site will be a constant stop for all those that are interested in the greatest game in Indiana.

The Indiana Basketball Coaches Association is dedicated to giving the basketball coaches, players, and fans a voice in the changes that are taking place. We are constantly looking for ideas that will improve the game of basketball. We will continue to work to be involved in the discussions that are taking place that involves these changes.

Return to this web site for updates of the discussions that are going on that involve the IBCA. Feel free to contact me, or any of the board of directors, with questions or comments. We are entering a crucial time time for the game of basketball in this state. The tourney format, summer participation, and continued questions about the class systems are just a few of the areas that we need to be involved. We appreciate your involvement and support as we attempt to get the changes that the coaches feel are important.

Steve Witty
Indiana Basketball Coaches Association Executive Director


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