Coaches Jobline

WELCOME – You can help us in the future by letting us know about jobs open in your area. Thanks and good luck.  Gene Milner, Website Coordinator

The Coaches Jobline mission is to help all Indiana Basketball Coaches Association members to be made aware of job opportunities and to aid those members in any way possible. Also, we will endeavor to help administrators in their search for candidates. The service is provided at no cost to the members nor to the administrators from all areas of the state. This service is provided to all schools in all areas for both boys and girls. NOT just HEAD JOBS…All Levels may be submitted. Varsity, Varsity Assistant, Junior Varsity, Freshman, Junior High, and Elementary jobs.

Thank you, Gene Milner, Job Placement Director.

Note: Many rumors of Job Openings occur during the job open season. We do NOT list jobs based on the rumors, but rather contact each school when we hear they may have an opening. Many respond and submit a job that is open, but if they do not respond we do NOT list their job as open, even if we are relatively sure that they do have an opening.


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